We're a social good agency focused on consulting, non-profit marketing planning, and cause marketing.

Our name, patron, refers to the word's dual meaning of contributor or customer, and captures the essence of marketing that does well by doing good.

As partners with purpose, we take an integrated approach to craft stories that do more than convey or communicate – they compel people to take action.

What's with the cookie?

lend your voice and time

strategically focus to go from org to brand

Points of Light, the world's largest nonprofit focused on volunteerism and service, wanted to refine its brand and core essence to prepare for the next wave of growth. We developed a new strategic platform and the first annual marketing plan for the organization. Included was a corporate alliance framework complete with cause campaign concepts. We then partnered with the client to pitch the opportunities to both major brands and agencies.

meals on wheels

bridging the generational
gap for good

Meals on Wheels depends on vital volunteers and financial aid for both the food and delivery components of the program. The opportunity was to bring generations together by simplifying and making the story more relatable for Gen X & Y engagement: “these are our grandparents and heroes.” Strategic planning and messaging strategy lead to thenextmeal.org

destination joy

a revised platform leads to a
new corporate alliance creative

We developed a new messaging strategy and creative for the signature fundraising campaign, “Destination Joy.” Because almost every wish requires travel for the recipient, the program encouraged the donation of airline miles, hotel points and rental car points to help make more wishes come true. We developed bright, fun, travel-themed materials that could be easily customized for different travel partners while still supporting the Make-A-Wish brand.

the future of leadership

telling a legacy brand story to a new
generation of partners

The Boy Scouts of America is a 100 year-old brand that needed to build on its legacy of developing our country's leaders with a brand story appealing to potential corporate alliances. Our solution bridged past success, present needs, and future leadership with a concept artfully blending the heritage with the contemporary to showcase the unique power of partnership with BSA. This new language and design came to life in printed outreach materials, sponsor pitch decks, microsite, and more.

the cure is inside you

one brand. one voice.

For more than 20 years, the National Marrow Donor Program® has been connecting blood cancer patients with marrow donors for life-saving transplants. Transitioning the public face to a more consumer-friendly brand, Be The Match, required an activation approach that promoted both awareness and understanding within the crowded cancer non-profit marketplace.

We developed an annual marketing plan that focused on promotional campaign ‘windows’ to directly target the varied audience segments with profile specific storytelling, media, and calls to action: ranging from African Americans to college age, to middle-aged white females.

Now armed with a unified brand architecture and marketing framework, the organization activates as one brand and one voice: you can cure blood cancer. And is now properly positioned and organized for brand partner outreach as the next step.

Brian Powell

managing partner

Brian is the founder and leader of patron, directing strategic planning and cause marketing efforts to help non-profits go from org to brand. As a testicular cancer survivor and proud father he wanted to combine his experience in marketing with his passion for social issues. As an integrated agency veteran with an entrepreneurial spirit, Brian has managed big brands such as Nokia, Pizza Hut, and Dr Pepper. He is equally passionate about ideas with business and social impact, with iconic nonprofit experience including UNICEF, Feeding America, and Make-A-Wish. He previously was cofounder of a consultancy/design firm, and spent ten years at Omnicom Group agency TracyLocke as a Managing Director. He sits on the board of the Dallas Little League, and is a marketing advisor to Livestrong.

Follow him: @goodconcepts

Veronique Zayas

creative director

Veronique leads our design group and has extensive experience in creating emotional and effective connections with consumers through excellent design, strong calls to action and proven campaigns. With powerhouse brands under her belt such as Frito-Lay, Kraft, Best Buy, and Walmart, she has the big-brand experience while still maintaining a passion for startups and nonprofits. Her previous agency experience includes leading an award-winning shopper marketing team for national brands. Between raising her three-year-old son and experiencing many different cultures as a child, her thinking tends to stretch beyond traditional marketing. Her nonprofit work includes Susan G. Komen Foundation, Earth Day campaigns, Tim McGraw's Neighbors Keepers Foundation, AIDS Arms, Be The Match, UNICEF and more.


Joey Leslie

principal/digital director

Joey is a Principal of patron and leads our sister digital and social media agency, StudioGood. He's led cutting-edge and award-winning digital campaigns for Pepsi, Best Buy, Unilever, Electrolux, eBay, PayPal, and many more. Joey brings over 18 years of experience creating and managing unique and effective online strategies for major entertainment studios, Fortune 500 companies, and national nonprofits. He's directed online and offline events that have raised over $100 million for nonprofits around the world. Joey is also a board member of Hope Mob, bringing the power of digital scale to focus on a single social need until it's met. He understands the consumer's expectation is shifting. He's one of the guys shifting it.

Follow him: @jleslie

Chris Noble


Chris is a Principal of patron and CEO of parent company Causemedia Group. He began his career running state-level grassroots political campaigns across the U.S. He took his love for building teams into the tech world where his crews developed new products and brought them to market for over 14 years; from five guys in a garage to IPO, and just about everything in between. At Causemedia Group he champions new products, new partners, and new ideas. He also sits on the board of the non-profit, Invisible People, committed to opening eyes about the homeless.

Follow him: @cfnoble

Brian Powell, Managing Partner